Hangar Bicocca

When Art and
Live Streaming meet

HangarBicocca is one of the most prestigious and fascinating exhibition spaces for contemporary art, founded in Milan by the Pirelli Group, which renovated an old industrial plant into an exhibition space. HangarBicocca has held temporary exhibitions of artists such as Juan Muñoz, Marina Abramović, Damián Ortega e Cildo Meireles.

Hangar Bicocca: an avant-guard space

In a few years, HangarBicocca has become a symbol for international contemporary art. The Pirelli group considers the space an important instrument in displaying the values of artistic research and human expression with its own corporate vision, where innovation, valorization of talents and a multidisciplinary approach represent an asset in looking more competitively into the future.

Contemporary Art Streaming Live

MainStreaming has provided HangarBicocca with services to broadcast their most important moment's live, such as: temporary exhibitions, starting from Cildo Meireles’s press conference to installation exhibitions. Brasiliano, one of the most appreciated artists worldwide after World War II, had his first exhibition in Italy in Hangar Bicocca, which held 12 of his most significant installations.

ROI - A return On Investment

HangarBicocca uses MainStreaming to broadcast live events in high quality on any device with a team of highly qualified support professionals. With a moderator also interacting with the audience on MainStreaming’s Live Chat tool, it helps increase the experience of the users connected.