Monza’s Racetrack

New audience and larger market
with online video content

Monza’s racetrack is one of the most important international automotive circuits. Since 1997, it has produced events & videos for Formula 1, Superbike, Kart Rally, and for all motor competitions on Italian and International media.

A Web TV for automotive competitions

To respond to the requests of an increasingly demanding and thirsty audience, Monza Informa has recently decided to develop a new web tv, Monza Race TV that puts together videos of Motorsport history, news and events which are constantly being updated and go beyond just live streaming competitions.

Monza’s racetrack request to MainStreaming

Monza’s racetrack has chosen MainStreaming to develop their Web TV which includes the delivery of video content on any device with different qualities to optimize content depending on the device in use and of the Internet connection at hand.
MainStreaming was asked for:

ROI-return on investment

Digital Online space has become a way of privileged access to freemium and premium content for the racing community. Monza Race TV is the channel giving access to more: content and information are constantly updated in the world of motors, interviews and press conferences.
Some advantages from using MainStreaming:
  • Multi-device accessibility: Ideal for engaging the audience on any device they use!
  • Simple and instant single and multi uploads
  • An engaging and passionate community
  • Web TV dynamics with channel creation and automatization