Transform an industry event
A success for the public

Amadeus is the global technology service leader for the traveling sector, working with the biggest players and providing service internationally. Their dynamic solutions are being used by airports, renting agencies, travel management companies/agencies, hotels and leisure travel professionals all around the world.

Live: Travel Technology Day

Amadeus organizes and manages Travel Technology Day: a day dedicated to updating and learning about the latest trends in technology in the travel industry. Together with MainStreaming and Hungryideas, the event is sponsored and broadcast live,reaching professionals that can connect, engage and interact from any device.

Return on Investment

Amadeus was looking for a high quality streaming service, built with an architecture that allowed high Internet bandwidth usage, while being able to stream high quality video globally. They chose MainStreaming’s solutions: the right technology for live broadcasting to an audience made up of professionals who wanted something more than just a simple webinar or conference.