Online video has been an essential part
in expanding the eLearning & Training market

Altaformazione is one of the most important members in the training, e-learning and blended learning market space. It creates efficient online training systems, using consistent gamification, innovative digital media solutions and a quality LMS. Among its clients: Allianz, Carrefour, Ferrero, Maserati, MediaWorld, Sky Tv, Vodafone and Pirelli.

A video cloud platform for e-learning video

Altaformazione, the leading company in e-Learning, was founded in 2001 from the experience of Microsoft Encart Italia. It established itself as one of the major European players thanks to its vision and adoption of innovative technology solutions. As their need for video increased in their e-Learning platforms, Altaformazione partnered with MainStreaming due to MainStreaming’s versatile platform, Live Streaming capabilities and fast video content delivery network(VCDN) to host & distribute their growing supply of video; which has fundamentally contributed to the development of Altaformazione’s learning management system.

ROI-Return on Investment

MainStreaming is a winning partner because:
  • It guarantees security & stability as a streaming provider
  • It provides high quality video performance with High-speed load times(no buffering)
  • It constantly implements new evolutions, just like the synchronization of videos and slides
  • It is the most versatile, flexible and powerful solution in the European market.