Who We Are

Our company has offices in Milan (Europe) and in San Francisco (USA),
the heart of our research and development lies in Italy

Connect the world through streaming that's global and fast

A technology that bears the fruit of a truly innovative Content Delivery Network - in this case - specializing in the delivery of video content that’s constantly changing(live streaming). A CDN that is built on proprietary technology and technological architecture right in the R&D center of Milan.

An entire supply chain in a single product

MainStreaming’s platform integrates all operative phases for managing and distributing video content that’s always available worldwide and on any device connected to the Internet. A content delivery network specifically designed for video and a cloud platform that manages live broadcasts & videos on Demand.

The Management Team

Antonio Corrado

After graduating in Computer Science, Antonio worked for Computer Associates and IBM. In 2000 he founded his own company, Mainsoft Group, where he worked as CEO until 2015. For the past few years Antonio has been working on the development and internationalization of MainStreaming, his new company, which focuses on developing its Video Content Delivery Network as well as its Streaming Platform.

Philippe Tripodi

After graduating in Computer Science, Philippe worked for Vodafone and Etnoteam. In 2000 he founded Archebit SpA where he worked as CEO until 2015. Philippe is an expert in Responsible Innovation applied to complex problems, and he is particularly focused on innovative technologies for the growth of a sustainable Internet.

Giovanni Proscia

Giovanni studied Computer Science and worked for Estroweb, Sens and MIX. In 2008, He started working for Mainsoft Group as the CIO & CTO. He has 15 years of experience in IT and telecommunications and is very interested in new Internet technologies relevant to Content Delivery Networks.

Emanuele Amante
VP Product

Passionate about innovative technology, Emanuele graduated with a degree in computer science. For over 15 years, he has crafted his experience by working for leading companies in R&D, focused in complex IT solutions. As part of the original team, Emanuele is now the VP of Product and has been fundamental at shaping MainStreaming’s VDN.

Mike Smith
VP Global Solutions Engineering

After earning his bachelor’s degree in Business, Mike started his career in the radio and television industry, transitioning to digital audio and video delivery in early 2000. Mike was appointed Vice President of Solutions Engineering at MainStreaming in 2017 and brings over 15 years of experience in digital video delivery and enterprise level solutions to the team.


United Ventures is a venture capital firm aimed at shaking up digital entrepreneurship on a global scale by spotting and supporting disruptive innovations in the Italian digital technology industry and turning them into international businesses through a proactive investment process. United Ventures is managed by a team of experienced partners with strong track records in venture investing, entrepreneurship and management. The firm’s portfolio includes Cloud4wi, Halldis, LOVETheSIGN and MoneyFarm.

Kapsel - Video Portfolios and production live streams

Kapsel Production is an important studio focused on video production and photography. Founded in 1988 as a focal point in marketing and advertising, they have worked with brands such as Mercedes, McDonald’s, Heineken, Coca Cola, Citroën, Lavazza, Sky TV e Nutella.

To create a visual portfolio showing off Kapsel Productions projects and keep strong engagement while meeting the demands of interested brands, Kapsel trusts and utilizes MainStreaming for video hosting services and streaming live broadcasts backstage which also helps in attracting new clients.
Link: Check out their case study

Monza’s Racetrack - the Gran Prix roar on Web TV

Monza's racetrack is one of the most important international race circuits.
To capture the attention of a bigger audience and have Monza’s racetrack videos for Formula 1, Superbike, rally and Kart racing, they created a WebTV with help from MainStreaming that engages and attracts a wider audience, streams competitions live with direct chats, extra videos, backstage peeks, interviews and premium content. It’s called Monza Race TV.
Link: Check out their case study

Altaformazione - Video e-learning from a successful model

Altaformazione is one of the most important members in the training, e-learning and blended learning market space. It creates efficient online training systems, using consistent gamification, innovative digital media solutions and a quality LMS. Among its clients: Allianz, Carrefour, Ferrero, Maserati, MediaWorld, Sky Tv, Vodafone and Pirelli.

Looking for the most solid technology in the market for online video, Altaformation decided to choose MainStreaming to protect and distribute their interactive video content for pay-per-view, with high speed and quality, detailed analytics and a highly personalized player.
Link: Check out their case study

Hangar Bicocca - The art of streaming in the whole world

Hangar Bicocca is one of the most prestigious and appealing spaces for contemporary art created by the Pirelli group who converted the space from an old industrial plant. It has hosted temporary exhibitions by artists such as Juan Muñoz, Marina Abramović, Damián Ortega, Cildo Meireles, Wilfredo Prieto, Yervant Gianikian e Angela Ricci Lucchi, and a permanent exhibition of Anselm Kiefer.

Always innovative and avant-guard, this contemporary art space chose online video and live streaming to promote their art and events which helped them tear down geographic barriers and linguistics. HangarBicocca’s live streaming events are a unique and spectacular experience.
Link: Check out their case study

Amadeus - Travel Industry wins with video marketing

Amadeus is the technology leader for the travel sector and used by the top international players.

Collaborating with Amadeus, Hungryideas and MainStreaming helped produce and stream live events from Travel Technology Day exclusively about traveling service technology.
Link: Check out their case study