Protecting online video

How to encrypt and protect videos
to safeguard content and business

The need to protect videos is a high priority for those working with online content. Especially if the published video content has a high level of informational value: video tutorials, online classes, news, reports, and entertainment.

Keeping Video Properties

MainStreaming let’s you protect your videos against illegal viewing, illegal downloading and piracy. The protection of videos and the guarantee of intellectual property of products are key.

How to protect videos and intellectual property?

To guarantee video security, contents have to be distributed by a professional video hosting service to ensure protection and digital rights management (DRM).

Secure content, secure business: MainStreaming Protects

Uploading videos on MainStreaming guarantees a continuous and constant protection in content and copyright. The platform creates encrypted streaming flow to prevent illegal downloading (the video can’t be downloaded). MainStreaming works for the safety of videos by saving codified and encrypted streams to prevent the risk of possible copying and forwarding to unauthorized third parties, limiting usage or restrictions decided by the user.

Secure content for a secure business

If you only need to show the video to part of an audience or to convey video content information within a small group of people (a corporate network, for example, or customers who pay for a online courses), it is essential to protect videos from third-party attacks. Videos with valuable content, especially entertainment videosand informational videos, tend to be pirated and downloaded, and then reused by other individuals to their own advantage..

Advanced Protection of Videos and DRM

With MainStreaming you can set up geographic restrictions, licenses, and content rights. This system lets you restrict access based on data, domain, number of views, geoghraphic area, and IP address.

Digital Rights Management: retaining ownership of videos

Unlike some free services around today, Custom MainStreaming offers users an advanced level of protection with cutting edge DRM encrypted systems (Digital Rights Management). DRM rights are used to restrict access of files and videos that you want to protect. The DRM can create restrictions based on the logic of distribution and of the intentions of those who own the copyrights of content.

MainStreaming fights against piracy

Any video content can be copied and therefore needs to be protected. 45% of users copy and download multimedia content. The only way that companies can protect their digital videos is to trust it to a professional and secure platform.