Professional Video Hosting

Push content to its highest potential
with our professional cloud platform for online video

MainStreaming is a cloud platform that supplies video hosting services and live streaming services to upload and distribute high quality videos in the least amount of time.

How to choose a provider to stream videos

Many tools for sharing and uploading videos are available, free or with payment on the internet. Users often choose a video platform without adequate knowledge based only on price. The result? Stakeholders lose value in their videos by uploading on platforms that produce interest, visibility, and profit almost only for the platform and not the stakeholder.

Advantages to using MainStreaming

MainStreaming was created for businesses to give value to their content. It’s been made for professional use, as expressed by those who have tried it and carries within itself an innovative technology for streaming videos using a convenient video cloud platform, completely integrated, without any need for third parties.
Some of MainStreaming's characteristics:

  • Upload videos on demand up to a quality of 4k
  • Video Players with dual HTML5 and Flash technology
  • Manage and integrate video content, playlists, and live events on your website
  • Embed natives and unbranded players
  • Protect videos with encryption and secure intellectual properties
  • Generate revenue with video by advertising and subscriptions (pay-per-view)
  • Quick and secure delivery technology: let’s you show videos updated constantly on an international level (how it works)
  • Carry out lives events in live streaming without a limit of simultaneous users
  • Rich selection of services API

Innovative Player with dual HTML5 and Flash technology

MainStreaming’s video player is cutting edge. It’s developed specifically to distribute videos in HTML5 and Flash at the moment the video is reproduced, and it is adaptable based on connection, browser, and device. The player automatically adapts HTML5 or Flash technology formats: that way it can be used on any device (computers, Smartphones, tablets, Smart TV’s and Virtual Reality), with the highest quality and speed available to the user.

Integration with Dropbox and Wordpress

You can manage your video content with maximum flexibility and versatility. MainStreaming’s Video Delivery Network platform is integrated with major services in use for storage and web editing on CMS. Integration with Dropbox and Wordpress let’s you develop your work, saving you time and producing better results. 25% of websites are in Wordpress: check out the ease in which you can manage your videos directly from your websites dashboard! Dropbox is the ideal tool to upload and synchronize videos automatically to MainStreaming, especially for those who have to send large amounts of content quickly or manage large qauntities.
It doesn’t end just there: with API services for developers, MainStreaming can be integrated with many other services.