Video Content Management

A professional CMS: a flexible solution for managing
and uploading online videos, and for doing

To create a successful video channel, you need a versatile and intuitive management panel. A platform that let’s you organize your videos in an efficient On Demand library, subdivided by categories with technical and graphic customization settings with which you can create playlists and automatic schedules.

Il pannello flessibile per i video online

MainStreaming’s platform for Video Content Management (VCM) allows you to save, sort and easily search the entire video library. You can tag content with descriptions, or create your own metadata. The videos are organized into categories which can then be incorporated into custom playlists. You can move videos from one folder to another using drag-and-drop. Through our Video Content Management tool, you can publish your videos quickly on your website, saving valuable time. Simply copy and paste the embed code into the source code of your web pages.

Organizing and Advertising Videos with Cloud on any device

The integrated system let's you save and easily organize your entire video library. The internal search tool and organized management makes the platform a useful Digital Asset Management (DAM) panel. You can label the content with descriptions and create a metadata for indexing (Video SEO).

Playlist: Solutions for Web Scheduling

Managing exciting video schedules is possible: with MainStreaming you can create automated video playlists (based on video categories, for example or assigned tags) real and consistent programming that attracts the public. It is a great solution while waiting for an event to begin.

  • upload online videos with quick multi-uploads
  • automatically generate numerous formatted videos for cross-media fruition: so, that contents can be optimized for any user device and connection.
  • easily look for your desired content thanks to the internal search engine and panel like Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • create credentials and roles for multi-user access, with different authorizations and privileges
  • create playlists: sorted by automatic scheduling with which you can program your video calendar (ideal for WebTV and OTT TV)
  • managing and organizing OnDemand videos and live events in a library with categories and TAG.