Video Analytics

Online videos are a powerful marketing tool
to measure user traffic and maximize business

Building a successful business with videos is possible when you have the power to track and measure all traffic metrics on your video contents MainStreaming’s suite for video statistics allows you to analyze the trends and the success of videos in relevant data and marketing KPI’s, producing successful contents with scientific and economic reliability.

Meausuring Data and Statistics of Uploaded Videos

The Statistics and Video Analytics tool for multimedia content is essential for monitoring video performances. Analyzing relevant data and obtaining the KPI’s of your content let’s you control video performance, minimizing the risks and maximizing business profits.

Video analytics of viewers and unique users

Data is processed in real time and put together in graphs and customized dashboards adapted to the personal needs of every professional. The possibility to set up specific filters, time periods, types of graphs and data to visualize, gives you have a thorough analysis with a detailed report. (The browser and operating system used, the nationality, and targets among other details), are managed through flexible filtered dates to select the time interval desired. Charts and graphs are customizable according to your needs, adding and modifying the requested price).

Misurare le statistiche dei video
Misurare le statistiche dei contenuti video e dei live

Monitoring video audience

Generating customized and flexible dashboards is the most suitable tool in studying traffic trends, the best performing videos, and the behavior of users. The success of videos depends on studying and listening to the public. MainStreaming’s center of statistics analyzes:

  • geographic location of audience (with geolocalized viewings)
  • the most frequently used devices (notebooks, smartphones Androids, iPhones, tablets o iPad,s smart tvs, Windows Phones, etc)
  • specific browers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc)
  • specific operating system (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Linux, etc)

Performance of videos, schedules, and of live events

Compare content videos for generated traffic, shared in percentage and bandwidth is simple and quick, just like comparing playlists in order to refine the schedule of each channel. Analyzing its content also implies visibility of events in live streaminghow many users are connected to live streaming, what the maximum peak point is, comparing data to evaluate the effectiveness of content, and understanding what the weakest segments of the schedule are.

Misurare i guadagni e il profitto