Make money with Pay-per-view

Users are willing to pay for quality videos.
Here’s how to sell Pay-per-view videos online

MainStreaming implements systems that enable the user to make money with pay-per-view. It’s made especially for tutorials, films, documentaries, concerts, games, trainings, and informative content.

Selling Videos Online

Video monetization can be used for events in live streaming and also for videos On Demand, with panels for video management and MainStreaming’s API for developers.

Vendere video di sport, eventi, concerti con paypal o carta di debito

Pay per-view Business Models

A successful strategy used frequently dividing videos into two sets.

  • Free Area: free videos for everyone to attract a target of interest and to create a community
  • Premium Area of Videos with Payment: a restricted area that you pay on pay-per-view to be able to watch videos of specific interest.

To purchase videos, you can use a simple system PayPal or have users pay with a debit or credit card (American Express, Mastercard, or Visa). Mainstreaming integrates a payment system which adapts to customers needs and uses an efficient strategy so that you can make money with pay-per-view.

Video subscriptions or single transactions

Pay-per-view is generally implemented in two different ways.

  • Watching a single video: aActivated by a single transaction, the user makes a payment to access specific content On Demand.
  • Selling a subscription: Let’s you sell monthly subscriptions or video packages. It’s a model used a lot not only by entertainment platforms SVOD (subscription video on demand) but also by E-learning platforms (selling courses and seminars) and publishers (interviews, local news, video journalism reports).

Buisnesses and Media who sell on Pay-per-view

This business model is used effectively by:

  • Video tutorials and training
  • Entertainment films and videos
  • Documentaries
  • Live events (ceremonies, sports competitions)
  • Concerts
  • Sport
  • Niche content with a loyal fan base
  • Special content (backstage, making of)
Ecco in dettaglio quali industry e profili professionali usano MainStreaming e il pay per view

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