Make Money with Video Advertisements

Quality videos produce a return on investment.
A guide to making money with video advertising.

The quality of web projects and of the publishing business is soaring. Monetizing user traffic with advertisements is launching a boom in the business of online video.

MainStreamings’ Tools for Video Advertising

How can you plan an effective strategy of monetization? With user traffic (more visualizations, more revenues) and a professional online video platform. MainStreaming lets you insert ads of Adv Provider certificates so that you can get a higher earning percentage. You can also insert a VAST owner tag to insert the ads of a dealer with who you have had private agreements with.
Video advertising is now a proven business model to effectively monetize videos online. According to Business Insider, in 2016 profits derived from video advertisements will reach up to 5 billion dollars.

Standard VAST e VPAID

MainStreaming supports the most popular standards for video advertising VAST, VPAID and Google IMA. The technology developed for publishing video ads are implemented universally thanks to HTML5 and Flash. Standard IAM let’s you create and manage online campaigns and measure video traffic and earnings.

Three ways of advertising videos

  • Pre-roll: adding a video ad at the beginning of media content
  • Mid-roll: an ad is inserted during video playback
  • Post-roll: adding a video ad at the end of video playback

You can also make money by selling video in modality Pay-per-view. Here’s how