RTMP Encoder for Live Streaming

Live streaming is easy and fast, all you need is a RTMP encoder,
an Internet connection and a videocamera!

Stream live with any device. Shoot videos everywhere and stream it live from anywhere in the world, using light and quick tools.

Video: how to stream live with Teradek

Discover the simplicity of sending your videos online in real time without any limits. It doesn’t matter which device you use or where you are in the world. You can always be connected with your audience with the highest video quality.

Kit for going live: what you need and how to go about it

Requirements for getting a transmission in full HD:

Advantages of using a Teradek device for streaming

  • Mobile use: maximum flexibility and freedom of use, you need a videocamera, a Teradek device, and an Internet connection
  • More than 3 hours of live streaming
  • Power from the last signal standard Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n to 2.4 GHz o 5 GHz
  • Suitable for any device (videocameras, DSLR, pro consumer and consumer): an HDMl cable is enough
  • Specialized technical support