Video SEO

Indexing videos on search engines to guide traffic on your website

Publishing videos on your website improves your online image and the prestige of a brand, a company, and of a personal site. Videos that communicate and that move us, intrigue us. To summarize: videos make the contents on the site more attractive and interesting to navigate on. Even more so, videos ease the indexing of websites on principal search engines.

Video SEO Strategies

Indexing a video in a way in which it leads directly to your site let’s you:

  • increase user traffic
  • improves user experience
  • interests the user and increases user time
  • increases popularity and visibility online

Video Marketing: the future of SEO

Many talk about video marketing video contents on the web are the new challenge for anyone who manages SEO, that is Search Engine Optimizationfonte: AdWeek – The future of Content Marketing is Online Video AdWeek about Video SEO. They represent the most effective strategy in positioning your website based on competitive keywords. Unlike a new post in the community or an article or a blog which can require months to rank, videos take over the front page in a short time within a few weeks.
With certain tactics Video SEO you can move up in the SERP ranking (Search Engine Report Page) the results page of the search engine, which are key in determining the success and visibility of a website.

MainStreaming Tools for Video Ranking

MainStreaming offers you a VCMS panel (Video Content Management System) for optimizing a Video SEO, complete with tools for indexing videos on Google, Bing, Yandex, and other main search engines.