Customize your video player

How to customize video player graphics
for brand image and website integration

MainStreaming provides a customizable professional video player which can be integrated on any website with a coherent design. The dual technology of HTML5 and Flash make it possible to playback videos in the highest quality on any device.

Innovative player with dual technology HTML5 and Flash

MainStreaming’s video player is cutting-edge. It’s developed to distribute videos in HTML5 and in Flash. When you play the video, it adapts to the browser and to the device used depending on connectivity. The player automatically adapts HTML5 or Flash technology formats: that way it can be used on any device (computers, Smartphones, tablets, Smart TV’s and Virtual Reality), with the highest quality and speed available to the user.

Graphic Topics: Customize Colors and Buttons

You can choose the color of the buttons and background of the video player, increase or lower the opacity, and assign different chromatic shades to the progress bar. You can also customize the I-frame of the videos, for example with dynamic preview images to optimize user experience.

Graphic options of video player

Design and customize all aspects related to the use of the video player, including:

  • Choosing whether or not to show the title of the video in overlay
  • Removing the progress bar
  • Hiding video player controls
  • Activating the automatic replay of the content

Brand Experience: Insert the Logo and Adopt a Coherent Design

The video player let’s you insert the logo an an overlay, and set the position and dimensions. It’s essential for the protection of videos and for the stakeholders brand strategy experience: The player has to reflect the channels and the brand, with its logo and choice of colors in line with the professional’s or company’s design.
Professionals & companies frequently use this video player.

Advertising and Customized Topics

The customization of video players let’s you activate and deactivate ads (to learn more on how to generate revenue with video check out: video advertising and pay per view). You can save different configurations of the player and link a theme to category A, giving the ad a pre-roll, while category B can be linked to a topic that doesn’t include any advertisements. Customized topics are saved with different titles and can be paired with specific videos or entire categories.

Social Media Sharing

The video enjoys ample distribution on social media and has the ability to become viral. MainStreaming makes it possible to share the video on social networks easily and immediately. From the customization tool you can insert code for sharing social profiles starting directly from the player.