The collections API that continuously grow
for developers and for developing needs

Our Cloud Platform Service is flexible and adapts easily to the needs of each company and brand thanks to the documentation center for developers. Developers have a variety of API services at their disposition in continual increase. New applications and documentations are added everyday. With API, you can create dynamic services that speed up integration with our service.

API Documentation for Programmers

The Application programming interface (API) is a set of procedures available to developers, to interact with software on a deeper and dynamic level. API documentation for programmers is in continuous expansion and is enriched daily with new and interesting features. MainStreaming API function libraries are available for third party services and for the needs of deeper customization, having two different types of software interact, or Mainstreaming’s platform interacting with hardware.

Misurare le statistiche dei video

Favorite API Functions

MainStreaming API libraries lets you gather valuable data or automation of operations, as well as integration to create a more sophisticated application. The service for developers who integrate with videos, live streaming, and video on Demand are particularly appreciated from e-Learning and training , broadcast and OTT TV, publishers and retailer clients, but especially from the growing market e-Commerce and retail videos.
Here are some of the most commonly used API functions:

  • operations to create, update, and delete
  • upload and manage a platform of videos on your website
  • create an automatic Web TV, dynamic, and always updated
  • make a list of previews of the latest and uploaded videos or mostly viewed
  • program playlists and broadcasts for your content
  • make money with videos creating sessions in Pay-per-view
  • integrate synchronized materials with videos, for example slides
  • create a video channel menu showing a list of categories
  • create a customized video player (in double HTML5 and Flash technology)
  • protect video contents via private access for authentication
  • interrogate and visualize analytics and metrics according to different criteria