Video Cloud Platform

Integrating video hosting
and live streaming services

MainStreaming is a video delivery network created to distribute video streaming in an intelligent and sustainable way available to industries who need an evolved service of both video hosting and live streaming on a global level.

Video Hosting

Video is the media type most enjoyed on the web, desktop and mobile. They need to be global, always updated, and in high definition. It’s now obvious that online videos make up the most important part of traffic on the net and represent the most enticing challenge for online businesses. Video hosting services included on our video cloud platform let's companies and brands manage and distribute videos on any device up to 4k quality, (a factor that's always becoming more critical and it’s estimated that about $52 billion dollars are spent for a 4k quality display until 2020). Our flexible panel for video content management let’s you manage videos in an organized manner with the DAM(digital asset management), customize video players, the look and feel of integrated videos embedded in the interior look & feel, index video content on search engines, and use KPI and advanced analytics metrics to measure performance.

Live Streaming

According to studies, 2016 was the year for Live Streaming. Companies and markets have already figured this out but it isn’t easy to find a reliable streaming service; one that lets you distribute a live event around the world at the highest quality & performance, carrying the weight of hundreds of thousands of connected users. Broadcasters, publishers, brands and television stations have the need to distribute fresh and updated contents, relying on a solid and secure service: that’s why the live technology of our video cloud platform, MainStreaming, has already been selected by major companies.

How to generate revenue with online videos

Enhanced by the right platform, the quality of videos today is a promising investment and enable a consistent ROI (return on investment). Two main ways to monetize online videos with MainStreaming are through advertising and pay-per-view.

Some of MainStreaming's services and advantages:
  • Uploads Videos on Demand up to 4k quality
  • Use Video Players with dual HTML5 and Flash technology
  • Manage and integrate video content, playlists, and live events on your websites
  • Embed natives and unbranded players
  • Protect videos with encryption and safeguard intellectual properties
  • Generate revenue with video by advertising and subscriptions (pay-per-view)
  • Use a secure video delivery technology: letting you view videos constantly updated on an International level
  • Stream events LIVE
  • Use a rich selection of API services