API LibraryHow to Get Started With our iMDP Service Quickly!

Explore our extensive API Library  to get access to hundreds of extensible APIs. With them, you can seamlessly connect your existing technology to our iMDP,  creating your own fully customized streaming service.

All our APIs are based on REST methodology and made up of intuitive and resource-oriented URLs.

You can set up, customize, manage and distribute your video content at the highest quality of experience to your audience.

From REST APIs to third-party technology integrations, we provide you with a tailored interface that allows you to stream smoothly.

Our APIs Include:

  • Delivery API
  • Library Management API
  • Live Streaming API
  • On-Demand API
  • Encoding API
  • Security API
  • Authentication API

Improve your Workflow!Integrate and customize your streaming with our advanced API Library

Rest APIs
Tailored and Integrable
Complete Workflow

How we Help Deliver High-Quality Performance Streaming

Get the most out of your content and manage your workflow with our extensive API list that allows you to customize our platform and network according to your needs.

You can access additional resources that will support you in your daily work!

  • Sample codes
  • Product documentation
  • Guidelines


You can find all information you need in our help section.