HESP Alliance welcomes MainStreaming as new member

We are very excited to take part at HESP Alliance!

The HESP Alliance today announced that MainStreaming, provider of an intelligent Media Delivery Platform (iMDP), has signed up as a member. MainStreaming will be able to bring high efficiency streaming workflows to media, enterprises, and gaming companies over its content delivery network (CDN) and will additionally be able to actively participate in activities shaping the future of scalable sub-second latency live streaming and fast zapping through the High-Efficiency Streaming Protocol (“HESP”).

The HESP Alliance aims to accelerate standardization and large-scale adoption of high efficiency streaming through HESP. Alliance members can license the technology; integrate it into their video packaging and playback solutions; and develop and share HESP extensions to drive further innovation. A verification program for HESP solutions will ensure interoperability across packaging, playback and CDN solutions and provide peace of mind for media companies deploying high efficiency streaming services.

MainStreaming’s iMDP has been tested extensively for compatibility with HESP and is a straightforward deployment for scalable sub-second latency live and interactive streaming experiences through HESP, ideally suited for use cases such as live sports, e-sports, virtual events, online gaming and e-learning. It has also proven compatible for HESP’s fast zapping capabilities, a key enabler for operators to converge their existing Internet Protocol television (IPTV) and over-the-top (OTT) workflows to a full OTT workflow.

Antonio Corrado, Founder and CEO at MainStreaming stated:“We are committed to delivering broadcast-quality video streaming, and this partnership enables us to play a key role in solving one of the most challenging aspects of streaming video content: the reduction of latency. From a business point of view, broadcasters will benefit from the provided solution by increasing their viewer engagement.”

“We are pleased to have MainStreaming, as intelligent media delivery company, join the HESP Alliance,” said Steven Tielemans, CEO at THEO Technologies and President of the HESP Alliance. “Their focus on Quality of Experience (QoE) is a great fit with our ambitions to provide superior online video QoE at reduced cost. Today’s viewers are looking for high efficiency streaming: the flexibility and universal device reach offered by OTT video but with low latency, high video quality without loading times, and fast channel zapping, on par with the zapping experience they have grown to love from the broadcast environment. We look forward to working with MainStreaming to deliver upon these increasing viewer expectations”.

About HESP Alliance

The HESP Alliance, founded by THEO Technologies and Synamedia, brings together streaming video vendors and media companies to provide superior online video quality of experience at reduced cost through standardizing and advancing the High Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP) and marketing of HESP solutions.