Streaming is still screaming? Test

Video streaming is not easy! It is not easy even in Countries where the quality of internet networks is supposed to be very high. And when it comes to live events, things get tricky. When problems with streaming delivery arise, it is not simply a matter of the size of the provider. Or of the ISP’s capacity. Nor a matter of the technology itself. Internet networks were not designed to support a bandwidth-hungry streaming flow, and they were not designed to deliver content to millions of concurrent users. But even though networks have expanded, fiber is now everywhere, gigabits are even in houses; they still need to be optimized to cover as much traffic as possible. Especially when it comes to the delivery of live events. Live streaming is time sensitive. It’s not like sending an email attachment. Static content delivery isn’t as time critical as a Formula 1 start or a penalty kick. During the early 2000s, when dial-up […]