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MainStreaming Announce Presence at Nextv Series 2022


Broadcast-grade video delivery network in Europe

MainStreaming – a leading intelligent media delivery company –will be present at NeXtTV Series in Berlin to support the presence among European broadcasters.

MainStreaming will be showing the power of iMDP (intelligent Media Delivery Platform); a system designed specifically to support the delivery of video across networks using patented Smart Synapses to ensure faster, buffer-free, low-latency delivery in a way that is highly reliable, preserves exceptional QoE for the end user, and uses up to 50% less energy than traditional CDNs.

The best streaming solution in the heart of Europe

The presence in Berlin is for MainStreaming a new step forward to establish its presence in Europe, and to leverage the collaboration with top class players in the media ecosystem: from datacenter like LCL, right in the heart of Europe, to encoding and players solution, up to the video streamlined broadcast grade CDN that is the core of MainStreaming solution.

Attend to a joint presentation with Bitmovin.

Yes, on the streaming there is still something to learn! And a lot of innovation is going on.

For this simple reason Bitmovin and MainStreaming will be presenting their solution in dedicated meeting.

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Good for business, good for the environment

Mainstreaming through its adaptive network structure also significantly reduces energy consumption.

Thus not only reducing costs, but it also carries tangible environmental benefit – another element of differentiation which MainStreaming are able to pass on to the Content Providers who make use of their services.

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