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A broadcast-grade private video CDN: why it is the best solution

Private CDN

A Private Video CDN is the optimal solution

For those who want to distribute video and guarantee a “broadcast-grade” experience, certainly, a must-have is a Private CDN. Or even better: a private edge delivery network.

The advantages of a Private EDGE Delivery Network

There is no doubt a Private CDN is the optimal solution for its advantages :

– It allows an “end to end” control over the quality of the distribution. This is particularly relevant for operation managers responsible for delivery.

– It “magically” reduces delivery latency, guaranteeing the highest quality of experience for the end-user. On these premises, big streaming companies have built their fortune. They know a happy client is willing to spend more time, and consequently, their money on their platforms. But what was a successful strategy for a few, has become standard for all …

– It reduces the risks associated with the ownership of the streaming flow, typical of “multi-tenant” solutions. The many steps, the “hops” as they are called in jargon, are other stress factors for clients who on one hand want simplicity and a seamless streaming for their final users, and on the other would like extreme fragmentation for the best cost optimization.

– And – last but not least – a private CDN ensures a high-quality streaming even during peak time!  In the world of streaming, economies of scale can be twofold. Let’s take the matter of prime time: great news for content producers, but a headache for those who have to ensure the delivery of content, because of capacity problems that come with it.

The economical feasibility of a Private Video CDN

But the ideal technical solution must also be valuable from an economic point of view.

And it’s for the return on investment that, in our opinion, a Private EDGE Delivery Network solution is the optimal choice!

The costs of a private CDN are aligned to the broadcaster’s key business measurement drivers: meaning costs are proportional to the number of viewers, and to the quality (or bitrate) with which they access a specific content.


Clarity and business alignment allow for greater freedom of action and to be more focused on the goal: to make customers happy to spend (time and money) on us.

A Private CDN is also the ideal solution for the following:

– better quality reduces costs related to technical problems (such as cancellations, trouble tickets, or time-wasting)

– the possibility of introducing new EDGE services by leveraging the infrastructure

– it allows for economies of scale and a lower marginal cost thanks to a fixed and optimized capacity.

The two figures show exactly how much economies of scale affect the planning of a Private EDGE Delivery Network.

Mainstreaming’s private Video CDN Solution

In MainStreaming we have made the Private EDGE Delivery Network one of our strengths.

Because, of course, it is the choice experts make!

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