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What NABShow 2022 told us about the future of streaming

Nabshow 2022_Marco Inzaghi

This 2022 has been a great NABShow 2022! Our team, led by Marco Inzaghi, head of Business Development, was there, and we asked him to share his thoughts on NAB.

Q: Marco, how was this NABShow 2022 edition?

Marco Inzaghi: It was nice to be back at an in-person event!

Even though the attendance was less than usual, we had very productive meetings with customers, prospects, and partners. It was also nice to enjoy a less crowded Vegas!

The new West Hall was impressive: huge, bright with large seating areas. On the other hand, it was a little far from the monorail and the other halls – which was a great excuse to try the LVCC Tesla Loop!

MS_NabShow 2022_1

Q: What were your impressions of this NAB edition? What did you find out about the streaming market and video distribution via EDGE computing?

Marco Inzaghi: Streaming was definitely a hot topic, and even more so, streaming at scale, especially when traditional services show their limits. With our new approach – private deep edge CDN “made easy” – we provide quality, reliability and the needed capacity to broadcasters, OTT services, sport streaming, etc….

Our “Deep Edge” technology allows the correct routing of traffic, based on the user’s location and network topography. All this, significantly reduces the core networktraffic the Internet Service Provider needs to bring content to the end-users.

While traditional “CDNs” have been around for a while now, this new approach has been adopted only by a few players, that are already benefiting from it.

We believe the broadcast market will be in need of this solution soon, for both technical and business reasons.

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Q: Google announced its entrance in the CDN industry. How do you think this will affect the streaming market?

Marco Inzaghi: This is just a confirmation of how relevant  this market is getting. I am curious to see the reaction to this new player. I have mixed feelings about it. I expect a great service from them, but at the same time, to serve large audiences, you have to deal with capacity, interconnections, scaling and several other technicalities that are quite different from the challenges Google had to face with Youtube. I guess we’ll see in the next months!

MS_NabShow 2022_3

We’re definitely talking of a bustling market, a breeding ground for innovation!

MainStreaming’s team

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