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Forrester mentions MainStreaming as EDGE relevant player


Forrester mentions MainStreaming as EDGE relevant player

A few days ago, a new Forrester report was published, bringing some light on the Edge computing world.In the report “Demystifying the fragmented edge” Forrester analysts had the really challenging task of not only defining the Edge computing market but also of trying to get rid of the fog around this term, and around a market that is complex and which borders are often blurred.

Chipset vendors, software platforms, cloud providers, solution integrators, telco operators, but also big corporations are looking with growing interest at the Edge market. We already touched on the subject and we are aware that the market is getting hot.

And according to some studies, the total market will be worth 450 billion dollars worldwide in 4 or 5 years.

It is easy to understand how gigantic Forrester’s analysis has been in trying to define a taxonomy, a classification, and in listing players in each of the various categories of this market.

CDN providers strategical advantage

CDN providers find themselves in a crucial position for “geographical” reasons, for the number of servers and computing capacity close to the customers, where it is most needed, – but also for technical reasons and the proven ability of properly running complex solutions at the network edge level.

Being close to the customer is a game changer also for the managing of massive infrastructures. Edge services are being adopted to improve and enable dynamic content caching, such as real-time events or video content delivery.

And of course streaming providers need to level up in order to face the tough competition and to be able to satisfy the market’s demands, that is becoming more and more sophisticated and choosy.

MainStreaming in the Edge computing market

MainStreaming was specifically created with video delivery in mind, and edge computing is our latest addition to guarantee the best quality of service to our clients.

We are very proud of having been listed among the players in the section of the Forrester report headed: CDNs extend functions and dynamic content closer to the customer.

The Edge market will definitely be “the next thing” in the IT landscape. This diverse and differentiated environment will be driven by many “category killers”: companies that lead specific sectors and that address peculiar needs in an outstanding way.

MainStreaming considers itself a leader in the streaming providers category. There is much more, of course, in the report “Demystifing the fragmented Edge”. It really is worth your time. You can find it on Forrester web site link.

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