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Driving Video Content Distribution to Intelligent Streaming Service

It’s good to feel in control!

Why do you need a Video Content Distribution?

Control feels good. It’s human instinct to want to control the world around us. Leaving things to the vagaries of fate opens us up to uncertainty, unpredictability and inconvenience. Without control over our circumstances, it becomes difficult to anticipate the future, which in turn makes it difficult to plan and build.

Think about making a journey across the country. If you take public transport, there are endless problems you’ll have to build in a buffer for. Even with an established schedule, things frequently go wrong. The bus has to be much larger to pick up all the extra traffic, which means it can’t make agile shortcuts down the back streets – it’s stuck on the public highway, clogged with traffic. It stops multiple times, meaning that even on an established route you’ll never be sure quite how long the journey will be.

Even if you take the train for some journey – following a direct and speedy path – there are potential issues. What if it’s full when it arrives? What if there’s a signal failure? Can you carry the same luggage on the bus and the train? Do you need another ticket? Who last serviced the train – is it safe and guaranteed not to break down? And what if the transport authority puts the price up next week? Or discontinues the route?

All that, and it still doesn’t drop you at your exact destination. Wherever you’re going, you’ll likely arrive tired, overheated and late.

Well, it’s no surprise that much of data and network terminology borrows from traffic terms – because the parallels are readily apparent. Data that is routed across public networks using traditional CDN services is the equivalent of taking the bus across town: you lack control over most of the process: you just have to get on the bus and hope for the best, meaning that more often than not, both the process and the end delivery are sub-optimal.

Ride in Style

Continuing with the transport analogy, it’s clear that what you want for a cross-country journey is a modern car; a green, efficient, agile vehicle that can cruise down the motorway smoothly, but dodge through the back-country roads when it needs, with a Sat-Nav that can look ahead and plan the route based on real-time data so that you never run into a traffic jam.

Throughout the full journey, you maintain almost complete control, meaning you can plan much more effectively – getting to where you want faster and more reliably.

Enough of cars, let’s talk data

MainStreaming’s iMDP is a service  for managing content smoothly through the networked streets of the internet highway.

Making use of ‘dedicated private’ network iMDP offers a Best Quality of Service approach. It provides a streaming service that takes advantage of intelligent algorithms based on a constant stream of real-time QoE metrics from each viewer to ensure that data gets to where it’s going, fast. It manages data across global, designated and its private network structures (public, dedicated  and hybrid) – picking the fastest and most efficient path, right to the viewer’s door. And it’s built specifically for the transport of video, which means it isn’t susceptible to the errors and inefficiencies that come from using legacy IT systems that simply won’t cut it when it comes to video.

The net result:

  • Best performance data-routing that provides exceptional video delivery service to your audience: reliable, fast, high-quality with no buffering – meaning you maintain reputation and secure higher customer retention
  • A truly scalable approach
  • Extreme reduction in complexity and operating costs
  • Total governance over the video delivery process

All of these benefits emerge from one central principle: control. MainStreaming’s iMDP exercises significantly more control over the way that the streaming process is managed, and the way that data is routed across it. It facilitates full control over the network and routing path, through a combination of automated, AI based decision making – making active choices to maximize efficiency, and intuitive content and network management tools that allow you to take a hands-on approach to your network path.

All of the benefits, none of the drawbacks!

Of course, the transport analogy fails on one count:  traditionally, public transport is much cheaper, better for the environment, and doesn’t require investment in a vehicle upfront. Well, that’s not the case when the bus runs on outdated, cumbersome infrastructure, and the car is a rental based on the latest, greenest, most fuel-efficient technology.

MainStreaming provides that exact equivalent; it provides all of the benefits of a fully-controlled, bespoke network configuration service, and none of the drawbacks. It doesn’t require upfront cost in infrastructure – indeed, the fact that it is fully scalable to the size of an operation means that it remains entirely cost effective at every level, whilst remaining reactive and accommodating of organizational growth. It truly represents one of the most cost-effective end-to-end streaming distribution service on the market.

Moreover, it’s one of the most environmentally friendly solutions too. The greater efficiency facilitated by intelligent routing results in 50% less energy consumption – which doesn’t just save money, it’s better for the environment.

Driving your data through exceptional streaming service

So, if you want your video to arrive in style and provide the exceptional quality of service that streaming audiences have come to expect, then you need the Rolls Royce of network delivery – but with the price and environmental credentials of a bus ticket. MainStreaming is your solution.

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