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We have been nominated for the 2021 European Readers’ Choice Awards

European Readerrs'Choice Awards 2021

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We are excited to have been nominated for the 2021 European Readers’ Choice Awards, the awards program in the broadcasting industry that gives end-users their say about the online video products and services they find the most valuable.

Our Intelligent Media Delivery Platform (iMDP) has been selected for its ability to enable real-time decisions based on a continuous flow of metrics on the viewers’ Quality of Experience. Thanks to a network backbone of over 4300+ interconnections with ISPs worldwide, our iMDP provides a smart selection of network paths, that ensures close-to-zero latency and a delivery with no buffering, even during live streaming events.

Covering the full video streaming workflow, from ingest to delivery, the platform uses AI to make intelligent decisions, whilst still granting content owners full transparency and control over the streaming process. Capable of being implemented as either a global, dedicated or hybrid private network based on viewer location, the iMDP allows for more efficient accommodation of fluctuating low-volume to peak distribution demands – making for an optimised, cost-effective content delivery process that maximizes broadcaster ROI.

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Go to the voting page, select the “Analytics/Quality of Service Platform” category, and choose “MainStreaming – iMDP”.

Voting is open until the 20th of August 2021.

The winners will be announced on the Autumn issue of Streaming Media’s European edition magazine.

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