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MainStreaming has been inducted into of the Ultra HD Forum Italia Society

Milan, Italy –MainStreaming, the streaming service provider that enables broadcasters, media and gaming companies to stream video with the best quality of experience to their audience, globally, has announced that it has become a member of the Ultra HD Forum Italia (HDFI). Entering with an innovative role, MainStreaming is the first company to be included in the “Enabler to Watch” category, which was created for companies specifically concentrated on innovating the way video is streamed to connected devices.

Since its founding, MainStreaming has built its services with the goal of giving companies the ability to stream video content online, guaranteeing quality of experience for the end user. It is able to do this with its innovative solution that reliably streams video over the internet, and gives broadcasters the ability to transition to transition away from DTT and Satellite, while maintaining international TV standards.

Ultra HD Forum Italia was established in 2006 to promote and support the development and application of technologies and solutions for the distribution of audiovisual and interactive content. By becoming a part of the HDFI, MainStreaming will continue to enrich its R&D operations with new and innovative video delivery techniques, supported by the discussions held by experts within the Forum on emerging technologies.

MainStreaming will also benefit from the JTG (Joint Technical Group), an international organisation that operates with representatives of the digital platform and stakeholders from the audiovisual industry globally. JTG also harmonises technical specifications and consistently updates the UHD Book, a compendium that collects all technical specification for manufacturers of television reception systems.

Benito Manlio Mari, President of HD Forum Italia, said “There are no doubts that streaming services are essential for a better development of content delivery platforms since they are able to enlarge the offer while understanding users’ ever coming requests. We are sure that MainStreaming will be a key player for the HDFI and together we will be able to accelerate technological development in the right direction.”

“There are technologies that are part of our everyday life, because they have been developed and created to adapt to evolving lifestyles,” said Antonio Corrado, CEO at MainStreaming. “We live in an era in which innovation is very dynamic and needs flexibility, speed and quality. A careful observation of the media evolution is what characterizes us and drives us to develop a solution able to answer to our partners’ demands. This new membership with HDFI, means we’ll have the possibility to contribute further to the definition of technical standards, while overseeing the future and current market scenery by bringing innovation and expertise”.

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